To know about the eye makeup products in the MellowLash




Discovery of new beauty products it’s an exciting time. But what's even more exciting is the search for new eye products. Worth playing With MellowLash, you get the best of both worlds with a luxury makeup collection that combines the most fantastic eye makeup products.


How to apply false eyelashes?


You can follow steps, and applying the false eyelashes can be very easy:


  • When attaching eyelashes, Hold the eyelashes with your fingertips or tweezers and put a mirror under the chin so that you look down instead of looking straight.
  • Tip: 'Avoid closing your eyes during application as your eyelids can crease when you try to apply lashes. And you want your eyelids to be as wide as possible to apply smoothly.'
  • Gluing eyelashes is an art in itself. Make sure to apply neatly and directly to the base of the spine of the lashes to prevent them from covering up. And you only need a little! Let the glue dry slightly, so it's tacky. This will help the false eyelashes, and natural eyelashes stick together perfectly and not move or move around. It also prevents your eye makeup from spoiling.'


How to find fake eyelashes that suit your eye shape?


Most of the false eyelashes are located on the black bar. When applied, this can look like a thin line of eyeliner but also tend to show imperfections and alignment errors. The clear belt is perfect for beginners. This makes it easier to camouflage the mistakes and bugs in usability. The invisible effect of fuller lashes with no black lines is ideal for a casual daytime look or a bold, bold lip that looks more modern with clean eyes. Understanding the shape of your eyes will help you get the best makeup to match your face. But how do we determine the suitable fake lashes for your eyes? Find the overall mirror and evaluate the profile.


  • Do you see the entire iris (little colour around the pupil), or is the iris partially covered?
  • Consider how your eyes are tilted upward at the sides and how much centre distance between your eyes is.
  • Finally, look at the eyelid's crease and see if it is visible to the naked eye.


Adhesive eyeliner:


2 in 1 Self-Adhesive Eyeliner: MellowLash adhesive eyeliner is perfect for attaching eyelashes. It can adhere to all typical false eyelashes.


Waterproof and smudge-free: MellowLash lash liner adhesive magic eyeliner is long-lasting and smudge resistant, can last 8-12 hours. Sweat proof and gentle silk helps to make it look natural, solid and stay on lashes all day.


No glue is required: The first step Shake the glue eyeliner 8-10 times before use, then draw the liner. Stick eyelashes directly on the strands before drying.


Fast application: Mellowlash 2 in 1 Adhesive Eyeliner Pen saves time and money. Say goodbye to the usual eyelash extensions! Glued eyelashes are heavy and easy to fall off compared to the old method. Try this pen to draw your cat's eyes!


Gentle eye make-up remover pads formula: No formaldehyde and suitable for sensitive eyes. It is cruelty-free makeup, soft and fast drying.